To All Members of Toronto Power
To All Members of Toronto Power and Sail Squadron.

You are invited to join us for our 2017 Annual General Meeting.
Followed by Fun, Food and Drink with a presentation from the world travelling sailors and long time supporters and CPS volunteers the Millard's.
Judy and Aubrey Millard retired and sold their house in 1998 to sail the seas.
On their 32 ft Ontario sailboat, they have crossed the Atlantic twice and sailed several oceans.

They have wonderful presentations and stories and are a must see if you share their dream.
Their Website can be viewed HERE
The TPS Bridge also has the pleasure of swearing in a new member this year.
Robert Laurin has agreed to take the position of Assistant Education Officer!
Since we have a very busy Education Department and Wanita, our BUSY Education Officer is trying to spend time preparing for her own sail adventures, we are happy to have the help.

Robert is a very interesting sailor of over 30 years who has sailed Georgian Bay and is planning on the Caribbean next.
As a former member of Canadian Forces Search and Rescue, Robert is highly skilled and has tons of valuable knowledge.
You can read more about him here LOVESAILING.CA

This will be a great evening.
Please mark your calendar and join your Bridge as they take care of business and have a fun evening.